the hirePURPOSE

Creating innovative technology that assists your business is just a part of what we are doing at HIREtech. We understand that as your vendor our job is to lend your team human capital management expertise and customer service. Our culture is driven by more than our desire to innovate but to be excellent in everything we do.

HIREtech’s customer service is an accumulation of training in the workplace and our dedication to the community. Our awarding-winning workplace culture and technology would be nothing without the hirePURPOSE.



federal law mandates that each employee must complete an I-9 to ensure their legal right to work.  I-9 completion, verification, and documentation requirements can be cumbersome and hard to understand, and unintentional employee errors can result in hefty fines and penalties for employers.  HIREtech's I-9/E Verify solution ensures compliance with USCIS requirements through a mobile platform for                 I-9 completion anytime, anywhere.  The HIREtech I-9 Solution can easily integrate with any existing HR software, ATS, or Onboarding system.


Solution Features                                                                                                                Benefits    

Electronic from and signature generation                                                                                                                 Streamlines onboarding

Integrated with Department of Homeland Security (DHS)                                                                                        Assures compliance with federal regulation

Centralized storage of I-9                                                                                                                                         Integrates seamlessly with existing systems

Section 3 reverification and rehires                                                                                                                          Enables remote completion

Remote completion for distributed workforces                                                                                                         Employer access to documentation 24/7/365

Documentation and audit support for inspections



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