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Let Us Help You Recruit Teachers Through Google and Facebook!

Using our proven methodologies and processes, our partner for digital marketing is Media Giant Design. Fill out the form to the right to have them provide you with a free consultation.

So What Do You Do Exactly?

We help HR professionals and School administrators find teachers through digital marketing. We utilize a proprietary strategy that delivers powerful results by creating huge amounts of awareness to teachers.

Our formula includes a combination of various digital marketing techniques including search engine optimization, google ads, facebook ads, linkedin ads and email marketing.

What Happens During a Free Consultation?

During our Free Consultations we learn about your school's needs and about your current processes. It's an open discussion format, where we will simply ask you to tell us about your successes, failures and what your goals are for hiring during for the next school year. With this information in hand, we will then set out to design a marketing plan that will deliver the results you are looking for.

Once our marketing plan is developed, we will setup a second meeting with you to explain our plan and submit our proposal to you. We do not believe any two customers have the same exact need, so our plans are custom tailored to you based upon our discussion.

How Long Does It Take To Get Started?

Once you've accepted our marketing plan, we go through our setup process. This typically takes a couple of weeks to get fully setup - during which we make sure your site, landing pages and tracking are in place. Then we start our marketing.

Most clients start seeing results within 30 days of us starting the marketing up. We will send tons of targetted traffic (teachers) to your site and pages with messages specific to your campaigns.

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