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iTeacherRecruit was created by certified teachers and K-12 education Human Resource Directors that were completely frustrated with the lack of resources available to both teachers and educational institutions.  Most education job boards are expensive, and many are owned by software companies that try to lock in education institutions so they can sell more software.  Traditional job boards do not give job seekers and teachers the resources they need to become a teacher or find teaching careers.  Our marketplace gives teachers, college graduates, substitutes, career changers, and relocators the power to find careers and be recruited on their terms. 


iTeacherRecruit is a marketplace that consolidates the K-12 education market on one singular platform where teachers, college graduates, career changers, substitutes, recruiters, and vendors can come together and collaborate in one place.  We donate directly back to teachers to help provide our educators with the tools and finances they need to teachers.  Being an educator is a calling and a passion for high rewards and low compensation.  iTeacherRecruit fills the financial gaps that education institutions cannot fill due to state funding restrictions like relocating allowances, teacher preparation programs, utility down payments, and school supplies.  


Learn more about our marketplace:

  • Easily find information on how to change careers and become a teacher
  • Retiring or relocating?  Try our "relocate me" option
  • Teacher preparation programs
  • How to become a certified teacher
  • Access professional certification courses
  • Advance your career with Teacher Prep and Graduate Degree programs
  • Have recruiters easily find you


Jobseeker options:

  • Control how you want to be recruited
  • Resume writing
  • Profile highlighting
  • Relocate-me options
  • Recruit me options for those who are interested in being hired now


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